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The day-to-day life can be boring and stressful, most times. Having to deal with work, home, and other activities with no time to properly relax. Not just watch TV or have a few drinks with friends, but really get down to relax. At such times, a vacation is what you need. How about having a retreat? A spiritual one, like Mount Shasta Spiritual retreat.

Mount Shasta is a volcanic mountain nestled in the Mount Shasta area, in the state of California. With four cone-shaped tips, it is regarded as the fifth highest point in the state, making it a favorite among climbers and skiers. But what makes it so special?

The volcanic mountain, still regarded as active, is a very important location for the release of inner energy, or chakra. Indeed, many people regard it as one of the potent places in the world. The significance of the mountain is by no means recent. Ancient Native American tribes, like the Shasta, Yana, and Klamath tribe have always revered the mountain as a power source. The Klamath tribe even described it as the abode of the “Spirit of the Above-World”. Recently, in 1987, believers in the Harmonic Convergence designated the mountain as one of the global power centers.

Why then should you think of a Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat?

The everyday life we lead can make us lose focus of our very self. Stress, abuse, depression, and even addictions can have a toll on our image. We lose our touch on reality, even if we are not aware. Our consciousness suffers a hit. How then can we regain all that? By being at peace with ourselves and our surroundings. This can be achieved through proper and guided meditation, something you cannot easily do on your own. Besides that, the environment we live in can also affect our connection. Numerous distractions exist within and outside our homes. You need a place that makes you focus, and not just any place. A place with energy surrounding it. A hotspot that you can connect to easily. Mouth Shasta just happens to be the perfect place for such.

The area around the maintain is one that is calm, peaceful, and tranquil. Walking around the mountain would make you forget about any worries you had before coming. You will immediately get overwhelmed by the peace that would overcome you, making it easier for you to relax or meditate. At Sacred Voyages, we do not just make it a mere retreat. For us, it is all about spiritual transformation. We understand the significance and power of Mount Shasta, knowing that with the right steps, you can receive cosmic awakening and overall consciousness. We make it a point that you do not come and leave the same way.
Part of the retreat would include visits to some mystical sites and spots. These sites were once visited by Native Americans and others who have been drawn by the energy surrounding them. We do not just take such visits by our own accord as we are guided by spirits. The retreat also affords you the opportunity of enjoying the Mount Shasta area. If you are a fan of skiing, climbing or even biking, you would find that Mount Shasta is the ultimate place for you. Come do things you would not normally do on your own. A visit to Mount Shasta is very life-changing. You will experience peace and joy like never before. We would guide you through every step of the meditation process, helping you overcome inner distractions so that you can absorb the necessary energies. When you are leaving, you will feel anew, having a clearer perspective on life and being more powerful than you were when you came.

Why Should You Choose Sacred Voyages?

Sacred Voyages would give you every assistance you need if you are ready for the Mount Shasta retreat. They have been doing these for years, helping people regain their consciousness and finding spiritual awakening by themselves. You too can experience such miracles. You too can be at peace once again.

You can choose to follow our normal group retreat, which we hold at certain points of the year, or you can organize one for you and your friends or family. You can even choose to come alone if you feel you can be more at peace that way. We would give you all the attention you need as you embark on a spiritual journey of healing, reconnection, and all-round transformation.

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