Mount Shasta Retreat

If you are looking for a place to spend your next holiday of free time, then you should consider Mount Shasta. It may not be the likely place you would immediately think about, but it is very ideal.

What is the point of a vacation if not for you to relax? And relaxing means trying things you would do not do on a normal day. That is precisely what you would be doing at Mount Shasta. Come reconnect with yourself, regain your consciousness, and unlock trapped energies. A visit to Mount Shasta would make you gain all round transformation, better than you think.


Mount Shasta is no ordinary mount. It is power source, regarded as one of such few centers in the world today. It is a place where you regain what you have lost, in terms of your spiritual wellbeing. Indeed, some people describe their trip to Mount Shasta Spiritual retreat as nothing short of miraculous. Even before you get to the mountain, you can feel the vibration and signs that tell you are in a place where energy is abundant.

We at Sacred Voyages are the right people you need for your retreat to Mount Shasta. We do not only help you arrange the trip, we lead you every step of the way. Meditation and other practices are not something you can handle on your own if it is your first time, and we totally understand that. That is why we would guide you through every bit of it, as you take the Shamanic journey to regain your spirituality.

Part of the retreat would include walking the trails once worked by tribes before you, tribes who were first to acknowledge the potency of the mountain. Nothing we do is new or ordinary as we are also guided by spirits. We would pay visits to spiritual sites, for meditation and inner healing.

Another thing we do is help you reconcile with yourself. We understand the power of love to be stronger than any other thing. Your fears, doubts, worries, anger, and every other thing can be healed with love. You do not have to harbor things for long again. Let go of everything and attain everlasting peace of mind.

For a meditation session to yield results, it has to be done at the right place. Sure, you may try to meditate somewhere else, but what if that place does not radiate the same energy you will find in Mount Shasta, and indeed only few places do.

A retreat with Sacred Voyages along with their small groups is super recommended and you can book to be a part of it. They can also help you arrange a private session for only you or with your friends. We understand that sometimes you may not plan it beforehand, but the can make adjustments to take you on. Their belief is that nothing should deny you the opportunity of a

spiritual awakening. Their retreats last a minimum of one day and a maximum of thirty, giving you enough time to fully connect and transform.

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